• NEW FC 1
    NEW FC 1

    Four à chambre

  • Four à double bandes B200
    Four à double bandes B200

    Avec deux bandes de transport

  • Furnace type FB 2
    Furnace type FB 2
    Furnace with two mesh belt conveyor
  • Furnace type FCA
    Furnace type FCA
    Carrousel furnace for vulcanisation
  • Furnace type FFC
    Furnace type FFC
    Hot-forming furnace with two mesh belt
  • Furnace type FP 4
    Furnace type FP 4
    Retert furnace
  • Furnace type FPA
    Furnace type FPA
    Retert furnace automated
  • Furnace type FTE 2
    Furnace type FTE 2
    Annealing and hardening furnace for precious metals.
  • Furnace type FB 2
    Furnace type FB 2
    Furnace with 2 mesh belt and equiped with Strip Rewinder / Strip Decoiler
  • Furnace type FTH 1
    Furnace type FTH 1
    Hardening and carburinsing furnace
  • Four type FTH 2
    Four type FTH 2
    Hardening and carburinsing furnace with 2 chambers










Meet us at the Congress A3ts of Nice from 26 till 29 June 2017 

You are welome at our stand 51


We are looking for severel multicard commercial agents in France and Germany


See" Company" tab and click on "Jobs"


you will find all the necessary informations.



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Meet us at the exihibition in EPHJ from 20 to 23  June 2017 at Palexpo Geneva.
You are welcome at our stand E-07